The Wrong Enemy

How can something
so nourishing. so necessary.
cause so much pain.

You look down.
You see
the choices you consider wrong. bad. shameful.
instead of seeing
the beauty. energy. power. love.

Food is not the enemy.
It is depth. culture. joy. growth. change.

Food is not the enemy.
It is our strength.
our community. our family. our home.

It is not the food.
It is the standards. the physical. the ceaseless desires.
the fabrication of worth through skin and size.

It can’t continue to escape.
The battle is lost
if we fight
the wrong enemy.



Making Myself a Failure

Being in constant connection with a world of people means we often see posts about others’ success while we rarely see their failures. As a naturally passionate, competitive person and a frequent perfectionist, I have to admit that seeing the triumph of others who share my interests has, at times, made me immediately feel defeated. I think we’ve all been there.


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Beauty Without Standards

magnoliaI’ve been thinking about traditional beauty standards lately. I’ve been thinking about the physical traits you’d see on the front of a magazine or the looks used to sell. And beauty pageants. I’ve been thinking about the kind of look it takes to win. I’ve been thinking about the standards for men as well…their hair, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, shoulders, arms, stomach, legs. There’s not just one standard for all of these things, but I’ve been reflecting on the various physical traits that often portray beauty in our society.

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