Let’s Autumn in Love

Is fall my favorite season? As I sit here during our beach vacation, I don’t know. But it’s felt a whole lot like it in those moments sweating it out in 90+ degree weather. Along with a bit of fresh air, these are the things I’m looking forward to next season:


Crunching leaves while walking through the park. Do I need a light jacket? Boots? A knit scarf? These are the questions I often long for. Continue reading


Anxiety in the Gym

When you think of anxiety in the gym, you might think of someone who’s not been there in years. Or ever. You might think of someone intimidated by the weights and the sweat and the people. You might think of someone just starting their journey in fitness, unsure of what to do once they’re there. You might not think of me.


Anxiety can be crippling. It can creep into the most unassuming moments of the day and quickly turn them into the most distressing moments. For many, for me, these moments of anxiety happen in the gym. Continue reading

Brunch is for Lovers

I’m such a sucker for brunch. I love waking up lazily on a Saturday morning and wandering to a new place to essentially eat dessert first thing in the morning. Eggs are great too, but put pancakes in front of me and I immediately melt into a puddle of warm, buttery syrup. I’ve shared with you some of our top sweets around Philadelphia, and today I have some of our favorite brunch spots in town.

Pearl’s Oyster Bar

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Shortcuts, Lies, and Good Lighting: the Fitness Industry Special


We know the lies that the industry tells us. We know tea alone won’t make us thin, and we know we can’t get a six-pack without losing body fat. Even then genetics will have something to say about it. We know strength training won’t make women bulky. We know you can’t add 100lbs to a lift without consistent training. Or that body weight kickbacks won’t sculpt our glutes. Continue reading

I Eat Whatever the Hell I Want: How I Beat the Cycle of Being a Slave to My Diet

Diet. I hate that word. Not the word itself, but what it often means at first glance. Low fat. Low carb. No sugar. Clean foods. Greens. Juicing. Grass-fed. Almonds. Chicken. Whey. Cardboard. Sadness. Frustration. I think I hate it because I like to talk about my “diet” without it being assumed that I’m on a diet. Hey guys, my diet is for life.

My diet wasn’t always for life, though. I once decided I was going to do a beauty pageant. I had three months to be bikini-ready on stage. I didn’t really have a plan, but I cut out all sweets and most fat. I lived off things I considered “good” foods: Clif bars (apparently not sweet) and grapefruit and salads. I didn’t fly off the handle afterwards, but I definitely wasn’t going to keep up that “diet.”

low weight
My pageant-diet results using an unhealthy and drastic approach to food.

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To My Husband

This post is devoted entirely to my husband, Andre.


I was thinking about our situation the other day. You see, Andre and I work together. We drive to the office together every morning, have lunch together every afternoon, and drive home and have dinner and maybe go to the gym. Together. On top of that, he doesn’t only work with me, but my entire family. Mom, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandma. And my dad is his boss.

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Summer Sweets: Philadelphia Edition

Is wandering around town stumbling upon sweets a hobby? Because I’m sure I do this enough to call it a hobby. Here’s a round-up of our favorite Philly shops of all things sweet. Let’s start with…

Fun Sweets

Sweet Box

This adorable corner bakeshop has some of the cheeriest, sprinkle-ridden baked goods you can find in the city. Plus, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re given a bubblegum-pink bag to carry home. You can get your fix of pretty little cupcakes, or you can get fun sweets like cookie dough brownies (!) and funfetti confetti cake batter bars (!!).

339 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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How I Learned to Love My Weight


I used to spend a lot of time feeling unhappy, but I didn’t really know it. It’s hard to be thoroughly happy when you spend so much time criticizing the way you look. It’s also hard when you’re looking to other people to determine your worth, especially when you believe your worth has everything to do with your appearance. Continue reading

Summer Cocktail Shortcut

During the summer I find that I’d rather come up with a fun cocktail to sip while the hubs mans the grill than stand over the oven or stove indoors. It fills my need to get creative in the kitchen and makes the heat a little easier to bear.

I have a simple cocktail equation I like to follow in the summertime when I’m whipping up my newest drink. There are so many ways to mix and match flavors and ingredients, so cocktail time never gets boring. It’s easy:

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