Let’s Autumn in Love

Is fall my favorite season? As I sit here during our beach vacation, I don’t know. But it’s felt a whole lot like it in those moments sweating it out in 90+ degree weather. Along with a bit of fresh air, these are the things I’m looking forward to next season:


Crunching leaves while walking through the park. Do I need a light jacket? Boots? A knit scarf? These are the questions I often long for. Continue reading


Brunch is for Lovers

I’m such a sucker for brunch. I love waking up lazily on a Saturday morning and wandering to a new place to essentially eat dessert first thing in the morning. Eggs are great too, but put pancakes in front of me and I immediately melt into a puddle of warm, buttery syrup. I’ve shared with you some of our top sweets around Philadelphia, and today I have some of our favorite brunch spots in town.

Pearl’s Oyster Bar

brunch Continue reading