26X2: Week 2 (B)

26X2, Week 2: Basque Country

Basque Country is not a “country” in the traditional sense, but a region that spans between Spain and France. There is a Basque culture and language and people. In its own language, the region is called Euskal Herria. They have stunning beaches, lengthy history, and rich food. After researching this area, I’m intrigued to learn more through first-hand experience.


For this week’s recipe, I’ve chosen the Basque dish called Intxaursalsa. Pronounce it, I cannot. But turns out what it lacks in pronouncability, it makes up through ease of execution. Intxaursalsa has only four ingredients: milk, walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon stick. It’s cooked until it thickens and it’s served like we would serve oatmeal, except for dessert. Though, I think I’d be happy to eat it for breakfast! It’s warming, comforting, and perfect for sharing with family and friends on a chilly January day. I also enjoyed watching videos of people making the recipe. You can find the recipe I followed here.



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