Let’s Autumn in Love

Is fall my favorite season? As I sit here during our beach vacation, I don’t know. But it’s felt a whole lot like it in those moments sweating it out in 90+ degree weather. Along with a bit of fresh air, these are the things I’m looking forward to next season:


Crunching leaves while walking through the park. Do I need a light jacket? Boots? A knit scarf? These are the questions I often long for.

cider donuts.png

Apple cider donuts hot out of the fryer. Need. I. Say. More.

Pumpkin spice everything. You knew it was coming. Ain’t no shame on this pumpkin train.

lip color

Lip color like this.


Outfits like this. And wine.

root veg

Roasty, toasty root vegetables covered with woodsy herbs like rosemary. And wine.


Adorable lumberjack-inspired shoes.


The best candle scents of the year.


Desserts that encourage yoga pants.


Cozy fireplaces and hot drinks.

cat snuggles.png

And, most importantly, chilly morning kitty snuggles.


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