To My Husband

This post is devoted entirely to my husband, Andre.


I was thinking about our situation the other day. You see, Andre and I work together. We drive to the office together every morning, have lunch together every afternoon, and drive home and have dinner and maybe go to the gym. Together. On top of that, he doesn’t only work with me, but my entire family. Mom, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandma. And my dad is his boss.

He didn’t get to ease into this life, either. We moved here from England, from having our own jobs and our own schedules, in January 2015. We had only met in 2013, and less than two years later we were overhauling our lives. We jumped right in. He jumped right in.

And the man doesn’t bat an eye. He smiles at his job and has a work ethic that I so greatly admire. He still spends time with my family after work hours just because he wants to. He’s always excited to learn and teaches me things about our jobs and life and love every day.

He’s not had it easy. This past year he’s faced difficult injuries that still remain a challenge. He hurts and my heart breaks, and still he keeps making goals and moving forward. Through these struggles he manages to always be a devoted husband and playful fur-father. And yet when he’s done being my coworker and all of these many other things, and while he’s faced with his own challenges, he still has time to be my coach. He analyzes my training, writes my programs, cheers me on, and does this day after day.

All of this really hit me recently. It takes an incredibly special person to do what he’s done and be the man and husband that he is. It also means that he has a wildly supportive family back home. There’s not a chance I’ve appreciated it or them or him enough.

So, Andre, thank you for being all of the wonderful things that you are. You are very clearly my other half. You are all things I so desperately need in my life. You listen to my totally insane ideas and dreams and let them flourish, you know exactly what I need at just the moment I need it, you love me with your words and even more with your actions, you are my adventurer and my protector, you are strong and admirable and compassionate and loving, and I am blessed beyond words to share this life with you forever.

Oh hey, babe! I hope you’ve made it this far because I want to give you something that you’ve had to sacrifice to move here with me. So we have box seats to watch Bayern Munich v Real Madrid next week. Love you! Thank you for all you do!

Update: He read the whole post and we had the best time at the match! 



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