Summer Sweets: Melting Cone Cake

ice cream cake

I’m sure you’ve seen versions of this cake scattered through all corners of the internet. This cutie was originally materialized by the fabulous Katherine Sabbath, a pastry icon from Sydney, Australia. So, when I was asked to make an ice cream-themed cake, I knew this baby needed to happen.

This was a confetti cake layered with vanilla buttercream. The same buttercream tinted a pale mint green graced the outside of the cake while a hot pink white chocolate ganache was poured over the top for the melting effect. The ice cream cone topper was a cake ball (cake crumbs mixed with frosting rolled into a ball and chilled) dipped in candy melts which held the sugar cone in place. More ganache covered the ice cream scoop, and summery sequin sprinkles topped it all off.

I don’t know which was cuter: the fun melty cake or the darling mini scoop cupcakes. These cupcakes might be my new go-to summer party contribution. They are by far the easiest cupcakes I’ve ever put together.

To get that fresh-scooped ice cream look, I colored a few batches of vanilla buttercream: pale pink for strawberry and mint green with chocolate cookie crumbs for mint chocolate chip. I left one plain for good old vanilla ice cream. I didn’t add additional flavoring, but feel free to flavor the buttercream to match the flavor of ice cream.

Normally I take my buttercream out of the fridge to soften for a few hours before I need to pipe or spread it, but this time I scooped the solid, chilled buttercream as I would scoop ice cream. This technique created the perfect little scoops. I used a serrated knife to cut down some sugar cones to top a few of the cupcakes. And, of course, I finished them with sprinkles. I chose gold cupcake liners to mimic the look of a cone without being too busy.

I love how fun and versatile this cake is, and how perfect it is for summer socials. Cheers to more ice cream, more cake, and lots and lots of sprinkles.



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