Welcome to Upliphted

Good morning, friends.

Welcome to Upliphted! You’ve stumbled upon an extension of my brain where thoughts of food, travel, general musings, wild ideas, health and fitness, and unreserved daydreaming occur. Here I’ll share things like our take on a recent meal we’ve had or my goals in the weight room or our latest adventure through Philadelphia, where we live. Regardless of the topic, my desire is to make this a place of positive vibes, full of love for life and each other. Ultimately, I want you to feel uplifted.

I want my first post to focus on something I’ve been doing a lot lately: living my life like I’m on holiday. Have any of you ever done this? This approach to life stemmed from a recent trip to Tokyo. Every time we go on a trip thoughts of “I wish I could live here” inevitably run through my head. But they never cross my mind when I’m actually where I live. So I wondered, what would happen if I looked at the city around me, every day, through the eyes of a tourist? Yeah, pretty incredible things happened. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

1. You slow down and you look up. It took me about a year of living in Manchester, England for me to actually look up at all that surrounded me when I would walk around the city. I know it seems superfluous, but it’s so easy to never look beyond what’s right in front of you unless you actively do something to change it. But when you do finally slow your roll and wander without so much purpose, you start to notice the presence of beauty: the architecture, the blooming trees, the rooftop gardens, the grandness of the world around you. It’s hard not to feel happily lost with the urge to explore when you start to realize the magnitude of beauty that surrounds you.

walk combo2

2. You try new things. When you’re on holiday you take advantage of what your destination has to offer. Whether it’s the food or local activities, you want to make sure you experience it while you have the chance. It’s easy to pass up when the opportunity is all too available. So when your mindset changes from “this is my life” to “this is my life on vacation,” you go out of your way to seek out these local attractions. For us that probably means waiting in line for 30+ minutes for ice cream from Franklin Fountain and riding a double-decker tour bus that goes past our house. There’s a reason why these things are popular: they’re fun!

Coffeeshop combo

3. You stress less. Whenever I go away, I like to take advantage of every second I have in this new place. I’ll go out as soon as I’m awake and enjoy the morning with a fresh routine. I’ll take a walk in between plans to soak up more of the culture. I clear my mind and I breathe more. But at home, I’ll lay in bed and watch Netflix because chill. When I switched to my holiday mindset, I started waking up with the urge to walk. Now almost every morning I’ll meander around town with one rule: I have to go at least one place I haven’t been yet. That means I’ll check out a little quaint side street or a quirky coffee shop I’ve never seen before. I start my day with a little extra activity and more love for life. This time allows me to be with my thoughts, which often leads to more gratitude for what I have and more clarity throughout my day. That combo has been great for the stress levels.


If you’re concerned that living like you’re on holiday means spending like you’re on holiday, don’t worry. I’ve noticed we’ve actually been spending less lately. Going for a walk costs nothing which means I’m probably spending less time on Amazon. Going out for a meal usually means we’re trying a new local place, but it doesn’t mean we’re going out more often than before. And while work is still part of the equation, the quality of our time outside of work has been optimized. It’s simply a shift in mindset that will allow you to gain a whole lot out of something you already have.







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